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CAPT Scott ‘Maker’ Tingle Heading to Outer Space

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As a child, it is safe to say that many of us dreamed of flight and the penultimate machines were fighter aircraft where second place is not an option. To give you a bit of perspective of those ‘wanting to’ and those that ‘got to’, I showed up at Aviation Officer Candidate School with 58 others who had the same goal, yet only 28 of us made it to graduation and one of us got the dream shot of flying the FA-18 Hornet. Once embedded in a community where few are offered such a privilege, the odds are then astronomical when somebody raises their hand with the desire to become an Astronaut.

There were over 18,000 applicants (civilian and military) for 14 Astronaut slots this year. It’s not even worth doing the math to realize that the chances are pretty darned slim and when you get picked, it is a very special accomplishment. But there’s no time to rest on any laurels because there’s a lot to learn about the launch vehicle and your new home- the International Space Station (ISS) in low earth orbit doing over 17k miles/hour (gets around the earth in about 90 min…almost as quick as a seagull to an open bag of Doritos on the beach).

I’m proud to have served alongside CAPT Scott ‘Maker’ Tingle who was selected in 2009 to join the team at NASA. Maker and I flew together in Lemoore and off the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson while flying combat missions over Iraq in the 90’s.  As an aside, all US Navy fighter pilots get a callsign and if you’re lucky, you get a good one like ‘Maker’ did. But if your last name happens to be Brady, then you can bet that your callsign will be ‘Marsha’…

Maker is headed east off a Russian launchpad Dec 17th aboard a Soyuz rocket to live aboard the ISS for 4 months. Once settled in, he will do the usual ‘Astronaut’ stuff like grow over an inch within the first week (zero G does wonders for the spinal column), get some pictures of his hometown from low earth orbit, and wonder ‘just how in the hell did I get so lucky?’.

It wasn’t luck. They picked the best man for the job and you can learn more about Maker from his NASA Bio. I will feature some of his exploits on our FB page so you can see a bit more of what happens aboard the ISS from a more personal perspective. Another great American who truly Makes America Shine. #gomakergo #astromaker #makingamericashine

Follow Maker on Twitter @astromaker

Barrelhouse Brewery

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With Liberty and Justice for Ale

Eight years ago, a couple dudes drinking homemade beer in a garage spawned a vision that resulted with a top-shelf brewery located in the wine capital of California. Wine aficionados- make way for the team from Barrelhouse Brewery!

Jason Carvalho and Kevin Nickell are entrepreneurs from the building and services industry. Both grew up in the Central Valley of California and were introduced to hard work at an early age in the fields and construction industry. Jason had a knack for letting hops ferment in his garage and Kevin was an artisan who could build a home with a set of plans, a hammer and a bag of nails (and perhaps a few sips of Jason’s garage elixir).

They hosted a party where folks tasted unmarked containers filled with ‘popular beers’ and some had Jason’s secret elixirs. Guess what: Jason’s came out on top time and time again so they committed efforts to secure a place to brew (Paso Robles, CA) and traveled to Canada to get their first big-brew setup. Barrelhouse Brewery was born.

Getting It Right

They manage to internally produce all marketing materials and video promotions with a knack that must come from the creative genius that blends the hops. Barrelhouse was even prominently featured during the last Super Bowl in a 30 second commercial…all gratis courtesy of their local credit union (smart play on the credit union ensuring they don’t lose out on a loan!).

Jason and Kevin’s natural knack at building a business based on a quality product got them started; but their moral fiber and natural leadership abilities accelerated both their growth and popularity. What started at a single site in Paso Robles soon blossomed to a ‘Speak Easy’ room in San Louis Obispo (who comes up with that?) and a tasting room in Visalia. They are expanding their logistical footprint to accommodate demand and you are likely to find a limited supply of their brews anywhere in California emblazoned with an early marque “Liberty and Justice for Ale”.

Plan Your Fly By

Any one of their locations is a ‘must stop by’ and feel free to break out your favorite cap or shirt emblazoned with the American Flag. There’s no shortage of good vibes nor tasty brews to be had and leaving may be the hardest thing you’ll have to do.

Check out Barrelhouse




Blain Dapper of Navigator Soap

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A Promise Takes Flight


THE DAY THAT COMMERCIAL PILOT, BLAIN DAPPER, got the idea to start a business, it wasn’t because he had a brilliant idea, or because he was fulfilling a need that wasn’t being addressed in the market place. Nor was he trying to get rich.

No, Blain started his business for one reason and one reason only: he wanted to pass the promise of America down to his daughters.

It had occurred to him on a cross-country flight that nearly all of his family and close relatives had started businesses. They were entrepreneurs all; people who had trusted that if they worked hard—and never gave up—that America offered them the promise of a better life.  And all of them had met with some measure of success. Blain was always comfortable as a wage-earner and felt proud to be a part of the American work force that is second to none among the world’s workers. But he wanted his girls to know firsthand the extraordinary gift of self-determination that the American way of life offers—and so, he decided that the three of them, Jayden, Dakota, and he would start a company.

But what kind of business would they excel in? What did his young girls know a little something about? What could they understand? Where did all three of their lives overlap?

Suddenly, he had it. Soap! 

Today, hand-crafted, all-natural and American-made Navigator Soap consists of two enterprising young girls who are involved in every aspect of the product—and their loving father who wanted to give them a most extraordinary gift. “In America, if you can dream it, you can do it. So go do it. America believes in you. You should too.”

See their unique approach to men’s soap at http://navigatorsoap.com/


Natalie Beil of B-Style Floral

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Creative Spray


The Best Arrangement this Florist Ever Made

FLORIST, NATALIE BEIL OF B-STYLE FLORAL IN MEZOMANIE, WISCONSIN, looked at her glass centerpieces that presented her floral arrangements at a wedding reception, and wiped her brow. They looked perfect; clean and without a smudge, but she wondered if there was an easier way to get the same result without wiping down every glass vase by hand. Sometimes the process takes as much as five minutes per 3-foot vase. With some receptions having as many as 25 tables, it can be backbreaking, time-consuming and expensive work.

But as a floral industry veteran of many years, she knew that smudgy, spotty glass vases came with the territory…until the day she was talking to a friend who had a business where he spotlessly power-washed windows.

“He told me about his CR Spotless system that allowed him to spray clean his windows with pure H2O. It never left a spot—because it physically couldn’t. Suddenly, bells went off in my head. Where can I get one of those?” Natalie asked.

Today, Natalie and staff set out their spectacular floral arrangements in pristine glass vases that have been sprayed clean by pure H2O from her CR Spotless system. The presentation is flawless, the time required has been eliminated and so too has the risk of handling and re-handling all the vases.

“I just look at all my arrangements and I am so happy with how immaculate they are—the flowers are even more beautiful when the vases are too,” offers Beil. “And I know I’m not the only one who appreciates it. More than 80% of our business is by word of mouth. I don’t know of any florist who can say that. Of course, I don’t know of any other florist who uses CR Spotless. Coincidence?”