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Barrelhouse Brewery

By September 10, 2017CR Spotlight

With Liberty and Justice for Ale

Eight years ago, a couple dudes drinking homemade beer in a garage spawned a vision that resulted with a top-shelf brewery located in the wine capital of California. Wine aficionados- make way for the team from Barrelhouse Brewery!

Jason Carvalho and Kevin Nickell are entrepreneurs from the building and services industry. Both grew up in the Central Valley of California and were introduced to hard work at an early age in the fields and construction industry. Jason had a knack for letting hops ferment in his garage and Kevin was an artisan who could build a home with a set of plans, a hammer and a bag of nails (and perhaps a few sips of Jason’s garage elixir).

They hosted a party where folks tasted unmarked containers filled with ‘popular beers’ and some had Jason’s secret elixirs. Guess what: Jason’s came out on top time and time again so they committed efforts to secure a place to brew (Paso Robles, CA) and traveled to Canada to get their first big-brew setup. Barrelhouse Brewery was born.

Getting It Right

They manage to internally produce all marketing materials and video promotions with a knack that must come from the creative genius that blends the hops. Barrelhouse was even prominently featured during the last Super Bowl in a 30 second commercial…all gratis courtesy of their local credit union (smart play on the credit union ensuring they don’t lose out on a loan!).

Jason and Kevin’s natural knack at building a business based on a quality product got them started; but their moral fiber and natural leadership abilities accelerated both their growth and popularity. What started at a single site in Paso Robles soon blossomed to a ‘Speak Easy’ room in San Louis Obispo (who comes up with that?) and a tasting room in Visalia. They are expanding their logistical footprint to accommodate demand and you are likely to find a limited supply of their brews anywhere in California emblazoned with an early marque “Liberty and Justice for Ale”.

Plan Your Fly By

Any one of their locations is a ‘must stop by’ and feel free to break out your favorite cap or shirt emblazoned with the American Flag. There’s no shortage of good vibes nor tasty brews to be had and leaving may be the hardest thing you’ll have to do.

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