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Blain Dapper of Navigator Soap

By August 22, 2017CR Spotlight

A Promise Takes Flight


THE DAY THAT COMMERCIAL PILOT, BLAIN DAPPER, got the idea to start a business, it wasn’t because he had a brilliant idea, or because he was fulfilling a need that wasn’t being addressed in the market place. Nor was he trying to get rich.

No, Blain started his business for one reason and one reason only: he wanted to pass the promise of America down to his daughters.

It had occurred to him on a cross-country flight that nearly all of his family and close relatives had started businesses. They were entrepreneurs all; people who had trusted that if they worked hard—and never gave up—that America offered them the promise of a better life.  And all of them had met with some measure of success. Blain was always comfortable as a wage-earner and felt proud to be a part of the American work force that is second to none among the world’s workers. But he wanted his girls to know firsthand the extraordinary gift of self-determination that the American way of life offers—and so, he decided that the three of them, Jayden, Dakota, and he would start a company.

But what kind of business would they excel in? What did his young girls know a little something about? What could they understand? Where did all three of their lives overlap?

Suddenly, he had it. Soap! 

Today, hand-crafted, all-natural and American-made Navigator Soap consists of two enterprising young girls who are involved in every aspect of the product—and their loving father who wanted to give them a most extraordinary gift. “In America, if you can dream it, you can do it. So go do it. America believes in you. You should too.”

See their unique approach to men’s soap at http://navigatorsoap.com/


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