Boat washing Tool

You’ve found the perfect solution that will make washing your yacht, boat, or watercraft quicker, easier, and safer than ever before. Our proprietary system for particulate conversion infused with on-demand de-ionization results with the purest water possible that removes 100{96e7edebe559d7494a0aaa7e8ded1f6abdf749a6241d3cc50fac29d61a879e0a} of all spot causing impurities.

Maintaining the appearance and condition of your boat’s finish is a commitment.

Your boat is incessantly exposed not only to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and constant action of the wind, it must also withstand the harmful effects of the sediments, salts, and mineral deposits in the water. The only way to avoid these consequences is through ongoing cleaning maintenance. Yacht detailing services cost boatloads of money (pun intended). And washing it yourself is a major time (and joy) suck because hand drying is required and takes way too long.

Our Spotless Water System remove the requirement to hand-dry and leaves zero water spots behind.

Boat Washing with CR Spotless Water Systems

After you come back from a day out at sea or hours of fun in the water, just hook up your Spotless Water System to your dock water supply and give your boat a good rinse. Use our lightweight, extendable carbon fiber pole water-fed brush to easily reach all areas. All of the salts, minerals, and calcium are washed away leaving behind a beautiful, lasting spot-free finish with absolutely zero hand drying.

Just Wash, Rinse, Cast Away! ®