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Natalie Beil of B-Style Floral

By August 22, 2017CR Spotlight

Creative Spray


The Best Arrangement this Florist Ever Made

FLORIST, NATALIE BEIL OF B-STYLE FLORAL IN MEZOMANIE, WISCONSIN, looked at her glass centerpieces that presented her floral arrangements at a wedding reception, and wiped her brow. They looked perfect; clean and without a smudge, but she wondered if there was an easier way to get the same result without wiping down every glass vase by hand. Sometimes the process takes as much as five minutes per 3-foot vase. With some receptions having as many as 25 tables, it can be backbreaking, time-consuming and expensive work.

But as a floral industry veteran of many years, she knew that smudgy, spotty glass vases came with the territory…until the day she was talking to a friend who had a business where he spotlessly power-washed windows.

“He told me about his CR Spotless system that allowed him to spray clean his windows with pure H2O. It never left a spot—because it physically couldn’t. Suddenly, bells went off in my head. Where can I get one of those?” Natalie asked.

Today, Natalie and staff set out their spectacular floral arrangements in pristine glass vases that have been sprayed clean by pure H2O from her CR Spotless system. The presentation is flawless, the time required has been eliminated and so too has the risk of handling and re-handling all the vases.

“I just look at all my arrangements and I am so happy with how immaculate they are—the flowers are even more beautiful when the vases are too,” offers Beil. “And I know I’m not the only one who appreciates it. More than 80% of our business is by word of mouth. I don’t know of any florist who can say that. Of course, I don’t know of any other florist who uses CR Spotless. Coincidence?”

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