Ordering Resin

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Ever wondered what you should do with your used resin after it has successfully delivered spotless H2O magic, the TDS meter reads 20+, and it’s time for resin replacement?  The Spotless Water Systems Resin Exchange is your answer.

Spotless Water Systems - Resin ExchangeIt’s easy as 1, 2, 3…

1.  ORDER:  Place an order for a recycled cartridge(s) set.

2.  RECEIVE:  A convenient set of remanufactured cartridges filled to the brim with a fresh batch of quality-tested resin will arrive your doorstep within a few days. FedEx Ground shipping is on the house.

3.  RETURN:  Your shipment of fresh resin cartridges will include shipping bags and a pre-paid FedEx return label (yup, we pay for that too). Drop your used resin cartridges (including the resin!) into the shipping bags, throw them into a box, slap on the pre-paid shipping label, and drop it off at your nearest FedEx location. If you fail to return your used set,  we’ll lock your account and may have to charge you the cost difference to keep this good thing going…but we’ll call you first if we don’t get the used resin back.

Upon receipt, we then process, convert, and re-purpose your used resin for future use — prolonging its usage life rather than ending it at your already overloaded local landfill.  Anytime you need more resin, simply wash, rinse, and repeat.  OR join our exclusive Resin Exchange Power User Club for even more savings and convenience.

Through Resin Exchange, you’re doing your part to help keep Mama Earth shining by eliminating waste AND YOU EVEN SAVE A FEW BUCKS.  

With no commitments and no strings attached, CR Spotless Water Systems Resin Exchange is a no-brainer.

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