Chuck DeWent, President:
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Chuck DeWentChuck joined the US Navy as a young lad with the brain power necessary to be trusted with the ability to find enemy craft using Electronic Warfare technology. This advanced understanding of the physical dynamics of sound and the electronic technology at hand to track it lead Chuck to pursue more complex logistic challenges surrounding business ownership in the civilian sector. He purchased a powder coating company in 1995 and grew the business three-fold over the next two decades. The commercial application of deionized water in the powder coating manufacturing process gave Chuck the idea to try it on his motorhome and Viola! He immediately recognized the opportunity to provide residential and certain commercial applications of deionized water that now allows EVERYBODY to enjoy the magic behind the science of ion exchange. Chuck lives in El Cajon with his wife and children and enjoys spending his weekends developing new ways to turn chores into “no biggies”.

Josette Shields, Customer Concierge:
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Josette ShieldsCR Spotless was exceptionally fortunate to find a teammate as committed to excellence as well as having a sincere appreciation for doing what’s right for both the company as well as the customer. Josette stays extraordinarily busy tending to customer orders as well as handling many of the urgent requests for overnight product delivery. When it comes to getting it done right the first time, Josette is a true hero and her commitment to excellence can only be surpassed by her infectious smile. Chances are if you have already called us, you probably know who we’re talking about!

Rochelle Asbell, Accounting Executive:
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Rochelle leads the financial resourcing team and backs up Josette when her ‘customer concierge cup runneth over’. Rochelle has been at Chuck’s side serving all financial and accounting needs for over a decade and is well-versed in the technology and application science of all things *spot-free*.

Leonard Lewis, Spotless Water Road Warrior:
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Leonard LewisLeonard has always enjoyed both the luxury (and occasional heartache!) of being self-employed the better part of his entire life. This provided a superior education about how important customer service is and along with a natural-born competitive nature, this served Leonard well in private enterprise. Leonard’s wife, Julie, of more than twenty five years often wondered why he spends so much time cleaning and taking care of the things she calls “toys”. That is until someone says, “Boy, that (toy!) sure looks nice”, then it all makes sense. From bicycles, motorcycles, boats, cars and now with the addition of a new motorhome, OCD plays a small (OK…large) part of the foundation for excessive cleanliness. For Leonard, the worst part about cleaning something has always been the time it takes to dry it and drying a motorhome that stands thirteen feet in the air is not an easy task, not to mention having to stand on a ladder to get everything dry. Leaping forward, he bought his CR Spotless Water System and discovered that drying his toys is a thing of the past. According to Leonard, the best thing about his CR Spotless Water System has been the customer service. The team really cares about members of the Spotless family and making sure their product does just what it was designed to do. You Wash, Rinse with your new Spotless Water System and WALK AWAY!


To share the magic behind the science of ion exchange technology and produce a defect-free product designed to provide years of service life and and an unlimited amount of pleasure.


»  Appreciation for all levels of enthusiasm involved with keeping things clean and *spot-free*.

»  Welcoming to all new customers aboard the CR Spotless family of users.

»  Sharing of knowledge and expertise about our products and their applications.

»  Application of all the rules we learned in kindergarten! Treat others with respect and do unto them as you would have them do unto you.


»  To introduce the uninitiated to the freedoms available through the use of deionized water. 


»  Continue to be the Nation’s number 1 manufacturer of residential deionized water systems.

»  Do all that is necessary to produce 100% customer satisfaction.

»  Under-promise and over-deliver.

»  Create opportunity to give back to the community.

CR Spotless Systems

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