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Welcome and THANK YOU for taking the time to register the latest addition to your cleaning arsenal that will unequivocally have the greatest impact on how you keep your ‘stuff’ clean and spot-free. First and foremost- we do not share our client list with ANYBODY. We will occasionally send information on product developments and perhaps a special offer for those annual special occasions where we just can’t help ourselves by saving you some money.

Two quick notes on how you can keep your toys spot-free and never pay for cartridge refills:

1. Tell your friends about your new ‘secret-weapon’ and when they order a system, you’ll receive $25 credit on the CRSPOTLESS.COM website AND also give them a $25 credit . All they do is mention your name when you call in…and if you haven’t registered your product, then we don’t know what account to apply the $25 credit to (bummer!).

2. Shoot a video of your system in use, upload it to YouTube, and send me a note. I’ll send you a free resin refill to thank you again for taking the time to share the magic behind the science of deionized water from CR Spotless!

Again – thank you for your time and welcome to the family of CR Spotless users.



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