Basic Car Care Package


Get the spotless basics, save some green, and increase your smiles-per-mile ratio!

You get the system of your choice (DIC-20 or Simple Chuck’s Double Chuck) along with the tools to properly wash your vehicle.

– 5 Gallon Bucket (including Gamma Seal threaded lid and Grit Guard)

– Suds ‘n Shine for washing in direct sunlight

– Chenille Wash Mitt



Got Grit Guard?

So simple yet so often overlooked- a bucket with a grit guard. Watch the video below to see what we’re talking about.

Which System is Right For Me- Simple Chuck or CR Spotless?

We are often asked, “Which one is best for me- Simple Chuck or CR Spotless?” so here’s a quick summary of the features of each system to better help you make the right choice for your application:


You can see the CR Spotless System here

You can see the Double Chuck System here


Unit SHIPS COMPLETE with all the parts and accessories needed to start rocking and rolling with all the spare time created by your Spotless deionized water system.

Our proprietary deionized water unit ships READY-TO-USE (well…after a quick assembly out of the box…it’s a shipping thing) with all the items necessary to enjoy spot-free water the day you get the newest addition to your cleaning arsenal.

The only thing missing is your ‘soon-to-be’ spot-free surface needing the TLC we make so incredibly easy. Garage queens, motorcycles, solar panels, windows, daily drivers, motorhomes, desert toys, golf carts, mountain bikes and you-name-it. Anywhere spots drove you nuts, you can now enjoy the ability to wash in direct sunlight WORRY-FREE.

And it gets better- FREE SHIPPING!  Shipping via Fed Ex ground is FREE to anywhere in the continental United States. If you require priority shipping, special handling or international shipping, please contact us by calling toll free 1-866-350-9993.

Help Make America Shine™

And while you’re pondering all the gleaming essentials that create the fantastic shine enabled by our system, be sure you click over to our replacement resin page and check out the value of enrolling in our Power User Club and filter recycling. #nobrainer

Additional information

Weight 55 lbs

DIC-20, Double Chuck


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