Boat Washing Solution


Just Wash, Rinse, and Cast Away!®

We’ve put together just the right package to easily keep your vessel looking ship-shape.

You have your choice of our Spotless DIC-20  with our tailor made Sunbrella cover or the dock-box compatible Simple Chuck along with our premier carbon fiber pole water fed brush to easily reach all areas.

Don’t spend time drying your vessel when you can Wash, Rinse and Cast Away!®



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Which System is Right For Me- Simple Chuck or CR Spotless?

We are often asked, “Which one is best for me- Simple Chuck or CR Spotless?” so here’s a quick summary of the features of each system to better help you make the right choice for your application:


You can see the CR Spotless System here

You can see the Simple Chuck System here

Points to Consider When Purchasing For a Marine Environment:

  1. If your system is going to be exposed to direct sunlight, then you should get the DIC-20 with Sunbrella cover.
  2. At 23″ tall, Simple Chuck fits in most dock boxes.
  3. Deionized water works exceptionally well at absorbing salt deposits left by a day on the water.  No need to use expensive solutions that can stain glass if left to dry.

Why Use a Water Fed Pole?

Tall and hard-to-reach surfaces commonly drive well-equipped washers to carrying around a stepladder, washing slowly and incrementally, or else sacrificing quality of cleanliness with a simple brush no better than a push broom! However, with a Water-Fed Pole, you will always be able to easily clean your hard-to-reach fine surfaces, without sacrificing the finish on them or the simple ability to rinse!

Use with your CR Spotless Water System® to eliminate any water spots left in the normal fine surface cleaning process, without needing an additional tool to dry those inaccessible surfaces.


–  Carbon fiber pole
– 18’ extended length
– 61” collapsed length
– 4 sections
– 25’ of tubing (this means you have 7’ of hose to attach to input source with pole extended)
– Incredibly light at 2.45 lbs
– Nylon brush with fan spray jets
– Shutoff Valve and Quick Connect included
Always be safe and never use your pole around electrical lines. Since we’re bringing you the lightest pole possible while retaining the rigidity necessary to effectively clean, it is not meant for use as a pry bar, a pole-vault, or TV antenna and could be damaged if dropped!

Unit SHIPS COMPLETE with all the parts and accessories needed to start rocking and rolling with all the spare time created by your Spotless deionized water system.

Our proprietary deionized water unit ships READY-TO-USE (well…after a quick assembly out of the box…it’s a shipping thing) with all the items necessary to enjoy spot-free water the day you get the newest addition to your cleaning arsenal.

The only thing missing is your ‘soon-to-be’ spot-free surface needing the TLC we make so incredibly easy. Garage queens, motorcycles, solar panels, windows, daily drivers, motorhomes, desert toys, golf carts, mountain bikes and you-name-it. Anywhere spots drove you nuts, you can now enjoy the ability to wash in direct sunlight WORRY-FREE.

And it gets better- FREE SHIPPING!  Shipping via Fed Ex ground is FREE to anywhere in the continental United States. If you require priority shipping, special handling or international shipping, please contact us by calling toll free 1-866-350-9993.

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Weight 55 lbs

DIC-20, Simple Chuck