DI-120 Medium Output Deionized Water Standing System



Our free-standing unit is designed to be our most economical unit that will provide approximately 150 gallons of spot-free water depending on your inbound water quality. Enjoy the privilege of rinsing with *spot-free* water and order yours today with the confidence of our 30 day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee!

Helpful note: most of our DI-120 purchasers usually buy to ‘see if it works as advertised’…and to that end, rest assured that it does and if you have any notion of using for other items you would enjoy drying without a spot, you should consider our DIC-20.

Help Make America Shine™; Just Wash, Rise and Walk Away™!

Buy with confidence from the largest and most popular deionized water provider for residential and light-commercial applications.

SHIPS COMPLETE with all the parts and accessories needed to start rocking and rolling with all the spare time created by your CR Spotless deionized water system. It really is hard to believe that this technology has been around for so long, and we feel really bad that it took us until 2004 to bring this capability to so many folks who never knew it even existed. Deionized water dries *spot-free* which allows you to Wash, Rinse and Walk Away™ and go do fun things instead of the agonizing chore of rushing to get it dry before the sun welds spots into your paint.

Our proprietary deionized water unit ships READY-TO-USE (well…after a quick assembly out of the box…it’s a shipping thing) with all the items necessary to enjoy spot-free water the day you get the newest addition to your cleaning arsenal:

  1. Single 20-inch de-ionizing resin cartridge
  2. PVC hose connectors
  3. Stainless steel input line
  4. Filter wrench
  5. Spray nozzle (Important! Use on flat or center setting to restrict flow to less than 2.5 gallons per minute)
  6. Battery operated water purity indicator

The only thing missing is your ‘soon-to-be’ spot-free surface needing the TLC we make so incredibly easy. Garage queens, motorcycles, solar panels, windows, daily drivers, motorhomes, desert toys, golf carts, mountain bikes and you-name-it. Anywhere spots drove you nuts, you can now enjoy the ability to wash in direct sunlight WORRY-FREE.

And it gets better- FREE SHIPPING!  Shipping via Fed Ex ground is FREE to anywhere in the continental United States. If you require priority shipping, special handling or international shipping, please contact us by calling toll free 1-866-350-9993.

Help Make America Shine™

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Weight 27 lbs


  1. Paul Edwards (verified owner)

    It is true, just as they stated. I used the cheap foamer bottle that came with my cheap electric pressure washer, a capful of carwash-with-wax to about a pint of water. Foam the car. Let it sit for just a minute or so or less if it’s starting to dry. Rinse with pressure washer hooked to DI-120 and WALK AWAY. No wiping. No blow drying. No kidding. WALK AWAY. Come back later and it SPARKLES. ZERO SPOTS. NONE. Same when I wash the windows on the house. Foam the windows and rinse and WALK AWAY. Wash our Can Am Spyder and golf cart the same way. Done in minutes. Bought a second unit for our summer home.

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