Foam Cannon


Not All Foam Cannons Are Created Equal

Meet the best of the rest

  • A Foam Cannon that is Built to Last!
  • 1/4″ male quick connect attaches to your pressure washer sprayer
    • **NOTE**- You must purchase a quick-connect kit to use with our Kranzle Pressure Washer.
  • Best of All- our Suds ‘n Shine threads directly to the cannon so you have 1 stop shopping when it comes to making superior suds! Add a Suds ‘n Shine to your basket for only $10. Use promo code SUDS during checkout.

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We only sell the best. So when we compared the rest, we quickly found that this is the best of the best!

Inferior cannons use a stainless steel mesh crammed into the tip cavity to produce the aeration necessary to provide a quality suds. This mesh WILL clog over time and you will have to disassemble the tip to clean or replace the mesh material. Can you say PITA?

Our cannon uses a superior nozzle design that relies on Bernoulli’s Principle to draw air into the mix to produce a copious amount of foaming action. And the best part is you’ll never have to worry about the screen clogging up and ruining your suds.

The cannon must be attached to a pressure washer for use and comes with a 1/4″ male quick connect fitting. Lightly soiled vehicles don’t even need to be hand-scrubbed! Just blow your foam on the work surface and enjoy all the smiles per mile a foam cannon can provide.

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Weight 3 lbs