Kranzle K-1622 Pressure Washer


Kranzle K-1622

Simply The Best Pressure Washer Money Can Buy!

Enoy the pleasure of using a pressure washer built like a finely balanced timepiece. This could very easily be the last one you will ever buy (or at least the last model…once you use it, you’ll likely want to get another one for the ‘other barn’).

This Kranzle  pressure washer also has an entirely adjustable flow rate with a sight gauge that tells you how much PSI the system is putting out. Dialing the PSI/flow back to around 1200PSI/1 gpm can reduce your water (and resin!) use by as much as 75%. This is due to half the flow of water when compared to a hose nozzle, and this beauty is at least twice as effective at removing soap/debris.

Ships with 10 meter wire braided high pressure hose and gun/wand assembly. Wand tip has an adjustable barrel that adjusts fan spray from approximately 45 degrees down to a fine stream.


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We are proud to add Kränzle to our cleaning arsenal.  Add it to yours today!

This insanely over-engineered electric pressure washer produces up to 1,600 PSI at 1.7 GPM with a PSI/flow rate that is entirely adjustable. What distinguishes this Kränzle unit is the unique capabilities of the wobble-plate pump and the uncompromising German quality that many of us have become accustomed to in our Roundel-badged vehicles.

Pressure is adjustable from 500-1600 psi and this produces flow rates of .7 gallons GPM to 1.7 GPM. Perfect for conserving water or cranking it up to blast mud off your work surface.

The K1622 is built with with a 35′ cord including a ground fault interrupter (GFI). Not even Mother Nature can freeze the life out of this unit- it is freeze proof!

  1. A pump design gives multi-hour bypass and run-dry capability preventing accidental pump damage.
  2. Built-in easy-start feature saves motor life.
  3. Adjustable Kränzle forged brass unloader.
  4. 18″ long x 7″ wide x 13″ tall.
  5. Weighs 52 lbs.

Package Includes:

  1. A pressure washer wand so finely balanced that you’d think it came from the lab that built James Bond’s special toys.
  2. 33′ of wire braided hose to connect wand to output port.
  3. Pressure gauge telling you how much psi you’re pushing out.
  4. Variable nozzle tip allowing you to pinpoint spray or use fan spray to ‘broom away’ dirt/debris/soap.

Proper care of the newest addition to your cleaning arsenal will provide years of pleasurable return on your investment.

  • Always be sure to inspect the oil level port before use. The oil level should never fall below ½ of sight glass and must be changed if it ever appears milky (oil/water contamination).
  • Kranzle recommends an oil change (.25 liter of 5/50 synthetic motor oil) after first 50 hrs of use. Afterwards, the oil will be good for life of unit.
  • While the Kranzle has the finest quality brass available in the pump assembly, you should always run ‘regular’ water through the system before storage to ensure maximum life from the pump assembly.


Additional information

Weight 60 lbs
Dimensions 40 x 24 x 24 in


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