Luxury RV Washing Package


Save some green and buy the premier package to keep your RV shining like new without the hassle of drying it off!

Choose between our legacy DIC-20 or our newest addition to the spotless family, the Simple Chuck Double Chuck, along with the finest pressure washer money can buy, the Kranzle 1622.

See details below to help decide which system to choose to make your RV as clean as can be with the least amount of effort.


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The Luxury RV Package Has Everything You Need to Keep Your Coach Looking Its Best.

We’ve been doing this wash thing for a long time so we only make and carry top-shelf tools for the trade. No need to hunt around for the right connection, the right mop head, etc. We’ve got everything you need to spoil yourself with the best your hard earned $$ can buy.

Package includes:

  • Spotless System of your choice
  • Kranzle 1622 Pressure Washer with 10m hose
    • Quick Connect package for Kranzle gun/wand
    • Additional 36″ lance
      • 1/4″ quick connects on each end
      • 90 deg pivot head allows for 45 deg spray off-axis
      • 25 deg spray tip with quick connect
    • Premium Foam Cannon
      • This is NOT the $10 cheapie from China. This has a superior pressed filter design that won’t clog up like the cheap cannons will.
    • Bucket with Grit Guard and Screw-Top Lid MADE IN USA
    • Padded seat for bucket top
    • Chuck’s Juice Box MADE IN USA
      • Suds ‘n Shine, Quick E Spray, Spray ‘n Seal
    • 3-pack premium, edgeless 16″x16″ microfiber towels
    • Chenille microfiber wash mitt
    • Wash Pole with synthetic lambswool wash pad


    Have a look at our good friend David Bott putting his Simple Chuck to use alongside the Kranzle 1622

    Which System is Right For Me- Simple Chuck or CR Spotless?

    We are often asked, “Which one is best for me- Simple Chuck or CR Spotless?” so here’s a quick summary of the features of each system to better help you make the right choice for your application:

    SC or CRSS?

    You can see the CR Spotless System here

    You can see the Double Chuck System here

    Some points to consider:

    • If size matters, the Double Chuck stands at only 23″ tall and will fit in most RV bays. CR Spotless is 35″ tall and needs to be drained if transported horizontally.
    • If you have problems seeing blue color, then you would prefer the DIC-20 because it has a meter that indicates when it is time to replace the filters. Double Chuck filters change from blue to gold and you must be able to see this color shift.
    • Cost of use (filter replacement) is nearly the same in cost/gallon of output ($69 for Double Chuck and $49 for DIC-20 if you join the Power User Club).
    • Both system recycle the filters. This saves 74 TONS of plastic from the landfill for every 10k filter changes on a DIC-20, and over 100 TONS for every Double Chuck filter exchange!

    Be sure you check out Simple Chuck’s line of detail products specially designed to make your coach look as good as possible with minimal effort!


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