Simple Chuck Spotless Water System



We took over a decade of experience serving tens of thousands with the magic behind the science of deionized water and created Simple Chuck- a line of products that must be so simple that Chuck would use it! Enter the Simple Chuck- a proprietary system with more capacity and is 100% MADE IN USA!

The Simple Chuck has almost a half cubic foot of deionized filter media and it will provide about 400 gallons of *spotless* water that allows you to Wash, Rinse and Walk Away® without fear of dreaded water spots. System is on wheels that allows for easy placement around your work surface and at only 23″ tall, fits in nearly all RV bays and beneath the workbench as well.

Shipped to your door ready to go with a fresh set of cartridges as, together, we are Making America Shine®

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Unit is ready to go upon arrival and includes the following:

  • Stainless Steel input hose
  • Pressure Regulator (use if you are unsure if your feed pressure is below 70 psi)
  • Quick disconnects for the input/output hoses
  • Wheels and foldable handle
  • No need for a TDS meter- the filter on right side changes color when expired!

Simply remove the Simple Chuck from the box, attach the pressure regulator to your hose spigot (IMPORTANT: Simple Chuck has a 70 psi pressure limit and you must use regulator if you don’t know your supply pressure), attach the included stainless steel line to your spigot or pressure regulator then attach your garden hose (or pressure washer!) to the output side and wash to your heart’s content. After use, you must turn off the water supply and detach or ‘squeeze the nozzle’ to depressurize the system.

Stop system use when the bottom two colored panels on the front of the system turn from blue to gold (not the reminder sticker on the side LOL). Simple Chuck should be stored away from direct sunlight as this could overheat the filters and bleach the color out of the blue filter media giving you false indication of expired filters. Should this occur, simple pop the top off and rotate the blue filter a bit so you have true blue back in the window.

Which System is Right For Me- Simple Chuck or CR Spotless?

We are often asked, “Which one is best for me- Simple Chuck or CR Spotless?” so here’s a quick summary of the features of each system to better help you make the right choice for your application:


You can see the CR Spotless System here

Simple Chuck is 23″ tall x 10.25″ deep x 16.5″ wide.

Simple Chuck replacement cartridge ordering is, well, simple.  When you want a fresh set, you purchase by phone or online at and a fresh set will arrive in 2-7 days (locale dependent). Simply drop the expired cartridges in the shipping container, attach the prepaid label, and give ’em to your favorite FedEx driver within 30 days. Together, we’ll save over 100 tons of plastic from the landfill for every 10k filter exchanges and we’re proud to say we’re the first and only residential deionized system providers to own their own conversion facility that allows us to save green- yours and Mother Nature’s!

Don’t miss out on our bypass assembly that allows you to switch from spotless water to regular old dirty house water. This item can save you $$ by reducing the load on your filters. Check that out here.

Bottom Line As Best Said By One Of Our *spotless* Family Members:

“Received the wash system mid day today and a huge THANK YOU for expediting it to me. I just finished washing the coach and it blew me away just how spotless it turned out. It’s incredible and saved me hours of extra work drying and detailing the spots a normal wash would leave behind. The wife drove up after it was done and her first response was ‘Wow…that’s amazing’. Well worth every penny. I’ll be sharing my experience as everyone should know how to wash their toys spot free.
Thanks again for making this happen.” ~ Frank K.

Even better when paired with Suds ‘n Shine 🙂

Additional information

Weight 45 lbs

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