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32 oz Suds n’ Shine

16 oz Quick E Shine

12 oz Spray ‘n Seal

Premium Microfiber Towel

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Order the Chuck’s Juice Box complete kit and get FREE SHIPPING!

Chuck’s Juice Box Includes:

  1.  Suds ‘N Shine (32 oz.)

These suds not only clean the dickens out of whatever you’re washing, but you can also do so in direct sunlight without worry. There are fancy technical terms for the pH neutral surfactant blend that makes this soap work so well in the sun, but all you need to know is feel free to wash your worries away in direct sunlight and have fun while doing it! You can either rinse off the slight haze left behind after it dries, or wipe it off with your new premium microfiber towel. And the bonus is we made it to leave behind a shine you’ll be proud of.

  1.  Quick ‘E Shine (16 oz.)

So Big Daddy, you like the shine from our soap but you want just a bit more ‘pop’. That’s OK and actually a common characteristic of folks who care enough about their chariot to do the job themselves to arrive on Cloud 9. Chuck’s QUICK E SHINE is the solution.

Product Hightlights:

  • Proprietary polymer ratio that exceptionally durable.
  • Fills in minor swirl marks caused by towel abrasion.
  • Less temperature sensitive to ensure excellent performance nationwide.
  • Optically excellent finish.
  • Works great on paintwork to remove light dust/dirt/‘bird accidents’.
  • Safe for all painted/plated surfaces.
  1.  Spray ‘N Seal (12 oz.)

This is a silica-based (NOT Silicone) sealant designed to provide at least 6 months of a durable glass-like finish with a sun protection factor of 30 (you know, its like 30SPF sunscreen for your ride). Don’t let your goods bake in the sun; put a layer down to keep it shiny and well protected. This is literally ‘liquid glass’ (ok…maybe figuratively…but silica is glass after all). We designed a ratio of silica that makes this the easiest to use while providing the maximum protection possible without resorting to a sealant so thick that you’d tear a rotator cuff trying to buff off.

Product Highlights:

  • Silica based shine producing the most durable finish possible in a spray application.
  • Seriously hydrophobic surface protectant that provides excellent protection against stains.
  • Shields from the sun.
  • Maximum protection against staining elements like bird droppings and bugs.
  • Spray application is so easy, Chuck will use it!

4.  Microfiber Towel for Epic Wipes!

Saying all microfiber towels are equal is like saying our deionized water is just like everybody else’s. Be sure you’re using a towel with the maximum loft possible that evenly distributes your application pressure and this towel easy beats the rest. It also has laser-cut edges that eliminates edge stitching (the most common cause of swirl-marks from a ‘clean towel’). Each towel is 16″x16″ and is 520 gsm (that’s nearly 75 grams per towel!)

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