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Don’t let your goods bake in the sun- apply the most protection possible by hand without worrying about tearing your rotator cuff! Specially formulated to provide 6 months of protection with an equivalent SPF 30. 12 oz of USA made protectant in a USA made bottle with a USA made trigger. #makingamericashine



If it isn’t easy, Chuck (Founder, CR Spotless) won’t use it. Thus all products in the Simple Chuck line ‘just gotta be easy to use’. So we also developed a line of car care products with that in mind.

Spray ‘N Seal (12oz) is nano-silicon sealer and shine in a bottle.

Everybody  wants to do the best they can to protect their investment without breaking the bank or their back in the application process. We concocted the highest amount of silicon (NOTE: do not confuse silicon with silicone which is a polymer derivative of silicon) possible that still allows the product to be wiped off your work surface without tearing a rotator cuff. It has an approximate SPF 30 equivalent and is built to last 6 months.

Spray n’ Seal must be applied to a new surface or one that has had all previous sealers/waxes removed. This can easily be accomplished by washing the surface with a dishwashing detergent such as Dawn dish soap, letting dry for about 5 hours (the Dawn will open up the pores allow water to seep deeper into the clear coat) , then applying your newest-bestest friend, Simple Chuck’s Spray ‘n Seal.


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