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A specific nozzle is necessary to regulate the flow to allow water to be treated. This nozzle, on center or flat spray setting, will regulate the flow rate to an acceptable level when used with standard household pressure values.

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This is one item necessary for proper operation to keep the flow rate at an acceptable level so the water passing through the system has enough time to be treated (we like to say it gets stripped of its bling….all the flashy minerals and stuff that likes to weld itself to your toys!).

On ‘center’ or ‘flat’ spray, this nozzle will keep the flow rate below 2.5 gallons per minute when supplied with *residential* water pressure (you house should not be receiving more than 70 psi water….if so, it needs to be regulated to a safer value otherwise the hoses beneath your sinks, etc, could fail and leave you with an otherwise bad afternoon).

The alternative is to use a pressure washer that regulates the flow to a specific value. Be sure to check out our Kranzle…while it may cost a bit more than this nozzle, it is built like a Panzer tank, will outlive this nozzle by decades, and will reduce water and resin consumption by up to 75{96e7edebe559d7494a0aaa7e8ded1f6abdf749a6241d3cc50fac29d61a879e0a}. See our FAQ for further details on the cocktail-napkin math that shows the results but in the meantime, this nozzle will get the job done just fine.

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