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We’ve been washing in the sun for so long that I think we got brain-bleached…it took us over a decade to realize nobody made a soap to be used in direct sunlight (who would be crazy enough to do that???). You know who you are…and you’re not crazy! This soap will make you scratch your head like you did the first time you used deionized water and think to yourself how amazing this is and why you waited so long to discover the magic behind Washing, Rinsing and Walking Away®.

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If it isn’t easy, Chuck (Founder, CR Spotless) won’t use it. Thus all products in the Simple Chuck line ‘just gotta be easy to use’. So we also developed a line of car care products with that in mind.

SUDS ‘N SHINE (32 OZ.)- The ONLY soap developed for use in direct sunlight!

These suds not only clean the dickens out of whatever you’re washing, but you can also do so in direct sunlight without worry. There are fancy technical terms for the chemical bonding that makes this soap work so well in the sun (like a proprietary blend of surfactants that is neither a detergent nor a degreaser), but all you need to know is feel free to wash your worries away in direct sunlight and have fun while doing it!

Be sure you use a bucket with a grit guard and if you fill up a 5 gallon bucket with regular water (no need to use DI water) simply put in a 1 second squeeze to give you the best suds known to mankind. And since it is neither a detergent nor a degreaser, it will ‘re-suds’ very nicely the next time you energize the water with your hose jet.

This soap can also be used as (ahem…) a waterless wash. Yup- we just said that. When used in a 10:1 ratio soap/water, only the brave (and trained) should employ this powerful soap as a waterless wash. This takes quite a few towels and, as mentioned, only for the trained!

We added a special scent of the Hawaiian tropics to remind you of a no-worries day and the bonus is we made it to leave behind a shine you’ll be proud of.

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  1. Alberto Robles (verified owner)

    Is a great soap. Using cr spotless make job a easy

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