8′ Wash Pole with 9.75″ Pad and Bonnett


We searched for ‘just the right wash pole’ to find the best of the best.

  • 4′-8′ extendable stainless steel pole
  • Single axis swivel mop head plate
  • Soft, synthetic lambswool safe for any surface

Don’t risk standing on an unsuitable object to get your wash mitt where it needs to go! Be safe and use the right tool for the job.

Also works great to clean lower panels without the necessity to bend over (lower backs be damned).



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Not all wash poles are created equal and the distinguishing feature of our pole is the single axis swivel point with plush wash pad. Most wash poles come with a multi-axis swivel and those are a total PITA- it can be very difficult to keep the ‘business side towards your business’ (the head plate flops around). So we found a pole pad that has a single axis pivot that is MUCH EASIER to keep aligned with your work surface (you’ll thank us after your first use).

The 9.5″ wash bonnet (“Why 9.5” you ask? So it perfectly fits inside a 5 gal bucket!) is made of soft synthetic lambswool and is safe for any painted surface as it ‘sucks’ the debris away from the fiber tips by capillary action and this moves the micro-marring contaminants away from your work surface.


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