18′ Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole



Excellent for hard to reach locations such as second story windows and roof mounted solar panels.

We have been washing our windows with deionized water for years and learned there are a couple features about a pole makes it a pleasure to use: less weight and minimal flexibility. We also learned of a bonding process that allows for a more economical approach to creating the lightest possible pole with less flex by using carbon fiber technology. Whether you’ve never handled an 18’ pole brush before, or spend all day using one as a primary tool, you will immediately recognize the quality and ease of use with our extendable carbon fiber water-fed pole.

Weighs Less with Less Flex = A Pleasure to Use!

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Tall and hard-to-reach surfaces commonly drive well-equipped washers to carrying around a stepladder, washing slowly and incrementally, or else sacrificing quality of cleanliness with a simple brush no better than a push broom! However, with a Water-Fed Pole, you will always be able to easily clean your hard-to-reach fine surfaces, without sacrificing the finish on them or the simple ability to rinse!

Use with your CR Spotless Water System® to eliminate any water spots left in the normal fine surface cleaning process, without needing an additional tool to dry those inaccessible surfaces.


–  Carbon fiber pole
– 18’ extended length
– 61” collapsed length
– 4 sections
– 25’ of tubing (this means you have 7’ of hose to attach to input source with pole extended)
– Incredibly light at 2.45 lbs
– Nylon brush with fan spray jets
– Shutoff Valve and Quick Connect included
Always be safe and never use your pole around electrical lines. Since we’re bringing you the lightest pole possible while retaining the rigidity necessary to effectively clean, it is not meant for use as a pry bar, a pole-vault, or TV antenna and could be damaged if dropped!

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Weight 7 lbs


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