Return Policy

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and delivering the highest quality spotless products have been the driving forces that have successfully enabled us to be in business for nearly 15 years serving the spotless water needs of over 100,000 residential and business customers across the country.


This is how sure we are you’ll love your spotless water system! Use the system for up to 30-days. If our product does not deliver you 100% satisfaction in the spot-free goodness with zero towel drying we promise, contact us and we’ll get it right or refund your money.

Having trouble with your system?

If you’re experiencing issues with your system (i.e. spots after washing, too few washes, etc.), please give us a call and a Customer Concierge will be happy to help troubleshoot. Most time, we can usually help you get dialed just through a quick call. If we can’t get it figured out or if you still opt to return your order, please ship your system back to us and we’ll process your refund upon receipt. That simple!