Spotless Water Systems™ Instructions

To operate, attach the unit to any hose bib around your home with the supplied female-to-female hose. Then, attach your hose to the SPOTLESS WATER SYSTEM male thread hose bib on the output side. You must use a flow restricting spray device on the other end of your hose ie. the supplied garden spray nozzle or a pressure washer. 




Next, turn on your water at your hose bib and pull the trigger on your nozzle. Turn the TDS meter on and ensure that it is reading 000 ppm. If it is reading 000 ppm proceed to wash and rinse. Make sure you rinse thoroughly as any soap will tend to leave water spots. If it reads 020 or higher, please stop and change the resin before you start.


spotless system ready for use


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You'll notice the SPOTLESS WATER SYSTEM™ de-ionized water will aggressively remove all soap suds and standing dirt to help you complete a very clean wash. Now, just walk away and let it air-dry. You'll be amazed and pleased with the results.

It's really that easy.


Click here to download a PDF version of these instructions.crspotless systems instructions