“I have been using the CRSpotless Water System for two years. I will not wash anything I own without one. I now have several systems and would recommend one to anyone who is serious about taking care of their vehicles.”

~ Mark Martin
NASCAR Hall of Fame Driver

“If you are a home guy and have a small garage… this (CR Spotless System) is something that is eminently practical and pretty simple. Just wheel it out from your garage and you are done.”

~ Jay Leno

This product is an absolute must for any car enthusiast who details his/her own car. My car is jet black and I have always struggled with water spots, especially in the summer time when the water evaporates quickly after rinsing the car. Additionally, even the best american made micro fiber or cotton towels increase the risk of leaving swirls behind (especially on a dark car). I used the CR Spotless system for the first time this weekend and was absolutely amazed. Not a single water spot anywhere on the car. No leaf blower, no towels–simply used the CR Spotless system for the final rinse and let the car dry in the sun.

-Spotless Fan

“I have finally taken some time to do a review of the virtues of owning a CR Spotless water system. I have owned one since last year, and really like all the benefits. These include: increased cleaning ability of soaps, no phantom water runs on paint (you know the kind that come out of unknown crevices), ability to wash in full sun, and true ability to do a home touch-less wash and dry. I mix most of my chemicals with DI water to increase effectiveness.ONR and DI work great.”

– Greg

“CR Spotless does EXACTLY what it says it will! The resin seems to last much, much longer than advertised. I even wash (not just rinse) with the demineralized water. Truly an excellent product, which is such a rare find these days. Look at all these extremely positive reviews and make your own mind up.”

– Chris

Real Time Saver/ Paint Saver: “I recently purchased and received my CR Spotless water system. After washing my vehicle first( just in case something went wrong) I then washed my wifes New vehicle with the CR spotless water system. We both think the finished wash job turned out GREAT and Spotless…..saving me a lot of time to do other things. I chose to only use the unit for the Final rinse….there by saving on the use of the resin….. After the first use….I say I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend to others….Oh….after washing I just drove each vehicle around for a couple of miles to blow off the water……Spotless….even all the windows!!!!!!”

– Pete

“With the size and dark colors of SUV’s and teenage daughters that added additional vehicles to my weekly detailing, it became a full time weekend job. My neighbors knew it was the weekend when they saw me in my driveway detailing cars. With the Spotless Water Systems System I get to enjoy my weekend’s family activities besides detailing cars. My neighbors will need to find another way to know if it’s the weekend.” “Never have to hand dry your car after washing it? Not possible, I thought, until I actually tried it. This is the best thing since sliced bread! The job I used to hate has now become fun and look at the time I save by not having to dry the spots away. More time for golfing.Thanks Spotless Water Systems.”

– Bob

“Every car guy serious about keeping his rides spotless needs one of these. Now there’s no more rushing to get everything dried before the water spots set in.” “I don’t have to dry my car after washing it? No spots? It can’t be true. I was a skeptic before. Now that I have a Spotless Water System it is so much easier to wash my car. Everyone should have one that enjoys clean cars.”

– Carri

“After pulling into the pier from a day of deep sea fishing we always have to do a fresh water wash down to remove the salt deposits. We then spend and hour drying the windows and all the bright work. With the Spotless Water System we just wash down with our pressure washer and go home. What a time saver this thing is.”

– Don