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Power User Resin Drum Exchange

Spotless Water Systems - RD1 Resin Drum Exchange
To Order: Call our Sales office at 858-530-9993. Business Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm PST.

Note: To qualify as a power user, return an RD-1 drum of expired resin within 6-months of purchase.

Product Details:

  • The RD-1 contains 1 cubic foot of resin.
  • Refills high-capacity systems (DIC-20 or DIW-20) (x3) times.
  • Refills medium-capacity systems (DIC-10, DIW-10, or DI-120) (x6) times.
  • De-ionizes approximately 900 gallons of water based on tap water quality.

Resin Replacement:

  1. Quick and easy, takes less than 5 minutes.
  2. Unscrew blue filter housings and remove resin cartridges.
  3. Dispose of used resin carefully (non-hazardous but slippery if spilled).
  4. Rinse cartridges and refill with new resin.
  5. Ensure the white cap is at the bottom of the blue housing (black washer on top). Replace centering ring and reattach filter to unit.

Usage Tips:

Use resin within 12 months (check 'use by' date on package). Store in a dry place, in unopened, labeled containers. Maximize your savings and keep your system running smoothly with our bulk resin solution!